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Use win10 system to repair, that is, win10RE function.

1. Enter win10RE, select the [Troubleshooting] option, then you will see the [Uninstall Preview Update] prompt, click [Uninstall] to uninstall the update patch;

2. Use win10RE to reinstall the win10 system. If you use a USB flash drive or CD to start Win10, you need to download the Win10 image;

3. Click [Next], then select [Repair computer];

4. After booting to the Win10RE interface, select [Troubleshoot], and then you will see the "Use this media to reinstall" prompt, click [OK], and then follow the prompts on the page to install it all the way down.

Note: Win10RE can restore and repair the system, and it can restore the computer without damaging files, or delete all data and initialize the system, but the premise is that important data must be saved. There are three ways to start Win10RE. The first is to hold down shift and then select [Restart] to enter the Win10RE interface; the second is to press F8 several times to enter Win10RE when the system is turned on; the third is to pop up the "recovery interface" when the system fails to start, select "View Advanced Repair Option" can be entered.