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1. Make sure Win10 system has been activated. You can view the activation status in [System Settings-Update and Security-Activation], and you can view the system version at the same time;

2. Use the correct ISO image. Make sure that the mirror version used is consistent with the version of the system being used;

3. Before installation, you need to download the network card driver according to the network card model in advance to avoid the problem of not being able to connect to the network after reinstalling the system;

4. Make a U disk boot disk or start and install Win10 from the hard disk. Two screens will appear during installation, skip the key input interface;

5. Network activation. It should be noted that it may take a while to activate automatically after connecting to the Internet;

6. Metro is no longer full screen, if it is on the PC side, you can ignore its existence;

7. Win10 upgrade will cause some unknown bugs, so it is recommended to use the original iso system when Win10 upgrade;

8. Software compatibility issues. If you want to use professional software, please consider if it is compatible;

9. The system settings are chaotic, and the graphics card driver does not respond.